You’ve Got the Questions, We’ve Got the Answers.

Don’t panic – just because you buy a pellet smoker doesn’t mean you have to know the ins and outs of it yet. Fortunately for you, we have our Ask the Pit Master grilling blog with our Grilla Grills expert Shane. He’ll answer anything your brain can think up, from wood pellet tips to best way to sauce up your ribs. So purchase a grill & rest assured you’ll be an expert in no time.

Got a question? Submit it below and we will answer in a post.

    Smoker Grill

    Is My Grill Creating Enough Smoke?

    You might be left wondering, what gives, my grill doesn’t smoke like that all the time? Let me dispel some misinformation about smoking and pellet grills in general… READ MORE

    Wood pellet grill

    Are Small Smokers Big Enough?

    If you’re buying a wood pellet smoker grill, don’t skimp on size. Consider your cost value and the Grilla Grills Silverbac might fit your need better… READ MORE


    Low n’ Slow for a Christmas Ham?

    There are many factors that determine the best recipe for a low n’ slow ham but you’re in luck! Christmas ham, when done properly, tastes amazing… READ MORE


    Smoking the Best Prime Rib?

    As you left no room for error by requesting the ‘best prime rib” on a Grilla Grills smoker, you leave me no choice but to break out the big guns… READ MORE


    How to Cook a Brisket?

    Your question is actually a tricky one. The answer greatly depends on what temperature you cook your brisket at and what your process is… READ MORE

    spatchcock birds

    Thoughts on Spatchcocking?

    I love spatchcocking turkeys or chickens. It allows about twice the opportunity for flavor enhancement and saves about 20% on the cook time. The temperature to cook a bird… READ MORE

    grilled burgers

    Can I Use Your Grills for Weeknight Cooking?

    It isn’t hard not to emphasize big cooks when you’re using a smoker: whole pigs, huge briskets, rack after rack of ribs. The Silverbac can feed an army, the Grilla can be loaded up…heck, even the Kong can do… READ MORE

    love our grills

    Where Are Your Grills Made?

    We have a short, blunt answer. And we also have reasoning behind where our grills are produced, offering quality-made smokers. Mark Graham discusses further… READ MORE

    smoker grills

    What’s the Difference Between the Grilla and the Silverbac?

    It’s a difficult process: in truth, you’d like to buy the Silverbac and the Grilla, and hey, throw in the Kong too. But in reality, you’ve got to start the family small… READ MORE


    How Do I Keep My Grill Clean?

    Whether you own a pellet grill like the Silverbac or a ceramic kamado Kong, cleaning your grill is a crucial piece of grill ownership. Don’t put it on the back burner… READ MORE

    steak with rub

    How Do I Sear the Perfect Steak?

    Perfect isn’t always possible, but when you’re cooking on a Grilla, you’re on your way. Sick of eating dried up meat, missing the sear, or charring? Get… READ MORE

    Barbecue Grills, support

    Why Should I Try Pellet Smoking?

    We get asked by customers: “Why would I even buy a pellet grill in the first place?” There are a lot of misconceptions about cooking with pellets… READ MORE


    Can I Use My Grilla Grill in the Rain?

    Every once in a while Mother Nature will come over and ruin even the best laid plans. That can certainly be the case when you’ve planned a long slow cook with your Grilla, Silverbac, or Kong... READ MORE

    Grilla Grills

    Why Should I Buy A Pellet Grill?

    There’s a slight misconception among backyard grillers that pellet grills are only for the hardcore pit masters. However, pellet grills offer a simple, clean, and consistent way… READ MORE


    Which Flavor of Pellets Do I Get?

    So you’ve decided to jump in with both feet and you bought a new pellet pit. Now you are faced with picking the right pellets for your cooking needs. There are tons of brands… READ MORE


    The Best Rib Recipe?

    Ribs can be easy to cook, as long as you grab the essentials. That means the perfect sauce, the best smoker on the market, and a great rack of lean ribs. So we’ll give ya a second… READ MORE

    backyard grill

    What’s the Easiest Recipe for Beginners?

    So you have this awesome new pellet grill and you are thinking, “great, but what do I cook and how do I start.” There are lot of answers to this question but I think maybe we need to start… READ MORE

    Kong kamado

    What Are the Pros/Cons of the Kong?

    While you may already love your Grilla, or have a soft spot for the Silverbac, you shouldn’t look past the Kong. While it might not roast wood pellets like you’re used to, this charcoal… READ MORE


    How Long Do I Cook This?

    “How long do I cook this” is as common place in the barbecue world as “how long until we get there” is among children and long car trips. This question is always met with the tongue and cheek response… READ MORE

    pellet smoker grill

    Why Would I Buy the Grilla?

    Our journey in the grilling world started with a quirky idea and a dare to make it come to life. Just being unique or first however does not make a flagship level product… READ MORE

    wood pellets

    How Do I Cook With Wood Pellets?

    If you’ve never cooked with wood pellets before, it’s important to know the basics. But once you’ve got those covered, you’ll be a wood pellet pro. I mean, picture this: a beautiful night… READ MORE


    Should I Choose an Expensive Kamado?

    The kamado grill market is pretty competitive, filled with a wide variance of prices and sizes of great pits. Since there has been very little in the way of innovation in the past 10 years… READ MORE

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