Grilla Grills Grill Size Comparison

You can never get too much meat, now, can you? Ribs for the party, jerky for the trip, turkeys for the holidays, the list goes on. Thankfully, the Silverbac and Kong are BIG to start with, and the Grilla catches up in no time, thanks to the optional rack extension. We’ve created this chart to give you a rough idea; your quantity will vary depending on size of cuts, etc. We threw in some corn, just for grins.

Grill Grate Extension
Grill Grate Extensions

Finding the right size for your next barbecue ensures you are ready for your party. You want to maximize your space while also finding a smoker that will fit. Use our tips to help you select the best option.

How Much Can I Cook on a Grilla Grills Smoker?

How much you can cook on your Grilla smoker depends on which one you choose. It’s difficult to figure out how much meat or vegetables can fit on a grill just by looking at it. Use these numbers to determine which one you need.


Our biggest smoker, the Silverbac is the choice for people who throw big parties and need to feed a crowd. You can fit:

  • Eight chickens spatchcock
  • Five 12- to 15-pound briskets
  • Eight 8-pound Boston butts
  • Five 14-pound shoulders
  • 12 baby back ribs
  • 20 ribeyes
  • 30 burger patties
  • 31 ears of corn


The Grilla is a good-sized smoker that is ideal for family reunions and hosting your kid’s baseball team. You can fit:

  • Four chickens spatchcock
  • Four 12- to 15-pound briskets
  • Five 8-pound Boston butts
  • Three 14-pound shoulders
  • Five baby back ribs
  • 14 ribeyes
  • 15 burger patties
  • 20 ears of corn


The Kong is a more compact option than the Silverbac, but you can still get a whole lot of meat on this trusty grill. You can fit:

  • Four chickens spatchcock
  • Two 12- to 15-pound briskets
  • Six 8-pound Boston butts
  • Two 14-pound shoulders
  • Six baby back ribs
  • 12 ribeyes
  • 15 burger patties
  • 20 ears of corn

Smoker Grill Size Comparison

You can choose from three substantial sizes when you order a Grilla smoker from us. Now that you understand what type of room is available on each grill, let’s look at a breakdown of the actual size.


The Silverbac is our most spacious option. With more than 200 square inches of additional room compared to our other two Grilla smokers, the silverbac totals 877 square inches. The majority of that comes from the 507-square-inch main grate and an upper grate that measures 185 square inches. The optional extension grate, which you can remove when it’s not in use, gives you another 185 square inches.

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The grilla delivers a space with plenty of room for your favorite meats. With 630 square inches total, most of it, 346 square inches, are on the main grate, while the upper grate brings another 142 square inches. You can also add an optional additional grate that upgrades you to 142 square inches more.

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Finally, you can let loose with our kong, which boasts 643 square inches total, including nearly equal upper and lower grates. You get 329 square inches on the main grate and 314 square inches on the upper grate.

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Finding the Right Smoke Grill Sizes

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