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Pit masters aren’t born overnight. We’re here to help with whatever grill question may have you stumped. Below are just a few frequently asked questions to get you on your way. If you have an un-answered question, feel free to contact us at

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No. Our goal has always been to deliver a high-quality product, but we also need to be competitively priced in the market. We have never skirted the question. Here is our story: Behind the Scenes

Pellet grills are great for smoking. Our Grilla and Silverbac models can cook low and slow and really crank up the smoke on a turkey, a rack of ribs, or just about anything else you want to smoke.

Technically yes, but we highly suggest using 100% Natural Lump Charcoal. Lump charcoal burns hotter and cleaner than charcoal briquettes and contain no chemical additives. Additionally, lump charcoal produces little ash making clean up a breeze.

We believe in the best price everyday for everyone so we rarely discount our grills. However we do offer military and first responder gift packages, reach out to us for more details @ 6163927410.

The Grilla and new Silverbac models have a pellet dump, including the Alpha models. The original Silverbac model does not. Pellets can be left in the hopper for up to two months as long as they do not become wet. The Silverbac hopper can be easily cleaned by removing the honeycomb guard and scooping the pellets out into a bucket. We find that most people do not switch pellets but simply need to monitor fuel level.

There are some reasons you aren’t seeing big smoke:

Ideal smoke is whispy, thin blue smoke. At times, it can even be hard to see. 

Using high quality pellets without fillers can ensure maximum smoke. The material the pellet is made of is also critical. 

The cleanliness of your fire pot can also affect how much smoke your grill is producing.

We cut out the middleman so you can get a high-quality grill without burning a hole in your wallet. All of our grills and accessories get delivered straight to you by ordering online. It’s that simple!

You can cook a variety of foods on a pellet grill like our Silverbac pellet grill or our Grilla smoker grill. They are extremely versatile; you can grill, smoke or bake! For some of our grillin’ favorites, visit our recipes page.

The Grilla has 11GA top with 18 GA Body shape with insulated burn chamber. 

The Silverbac has a 16GA Body with 12GA S.S lid with insulated burn chamber

You’ll want to cook a pizza at a high temperature on your pellet grill to help firm up the crust. Most restaurants with pizza ovens shoot for temperatures well over 500 degrees, so crank your pellet grill up to 475 degrees or higher for best results.

Just like our wood pellet grills, our Kong grill is also very versatile. You can grill, smoke or bake whatever your heart desires. Check out our recipes page to get the lowdown on our favorites.

Compared to the Grilla smoker-grill, the shape of the Silverbac is similar to other wood pellet smoker-grills. The “barrel” shape of this grill provides a large cooking surface and its chimney assists with the convection process.

The Grilla smoker-grill has a unique design that still delivers a great smoky flavor you would expect from a smoker-grill. The Grilla smoker-grill features a swinging lid that prevents significant heat loss and has a round shape that eliminates the potential of corners becoming too hot or cold.

Overall, both of these grills are excellent wood pellet smoker-grills that deliver even convectional heat throughout the entire grill and feature a high tech digital control panel.

While cleaning procedures vary between all three grills, remember to clean the grill after every use. Clean with a mild soap and water to clean the grill surfaces—NOT an abrasive cleaner or cleaning pads. For more specific cleaning information, consult your grill’s manual.

We do not have any dealers anywhere. We ship direct to consumer. Free shipping applies only to orders above $79 in the contiguous US. For details on shipping to Canada click here.

Smoking may take the most time and patience, but the rich, smoky flavor is well worth it. Smoking requires you to cook your meal at a low temperature (less than 250°F) for several hours. No need to constantly check your food – just sit back, grab a Koozie-cold drink, and let your grill do all the work.

All three Grilla Grills provide convection heat which means they operate just like a traditional convection oven. Therefore, baking on your grill is conducted the same way. Set your grill to the desired temperature needed for your dish and bake it for the same time you would in your oven.

If you have a problem or need a new replacement part please visit our Service Parts page and follow the instructions to request a new part. Be sure to be ready with your name, phone number, address, grill model number and serial number, along with the part identification number from the “Parts Diagram” page in your manual.

Pellets are continually fed into a fire pot by an auger at a rate set by the control panel. Once inside the fire pot, an automatic igniter lights the pellets. Inside the grill, a thermal sensor regulates the internal temperature and adjusts the pellet flow to maintain the correct temperature. After the pellets are used, our grills are easy to clean and empty.

To get the most use out of your pellets, store bags in a clean, dry area.

All depends on the grill. Check out this page for more information. Click Here

Each bag of flavorful and environmentally friendly wood pellets will last 10 to 20 hours of cooking time.

  • Place a newspaper roll and either solid relighters or lighter cubes on charcoal plate.
  • Put 2 to 3 handfuls of lump charcoal on top of newspaper
  • Open bottom vent and use long-nosed lighter or safety matches to light newspaper
  • Once newspaper catches, build small bed of hot embers by keeping bottom vent and lid open for at least 10 minutes.
  • Turn grill “Off”
  • Fill Hopper
  • Remove Lower Cooking Grate, Grease Catch Can Holder and Flavor Disc for the Grilla, or the Lower Cooking Grate, Grease Pan and Heat Baffle for the Silverbac.
  • Pour ½ cup of pellets in fire pot
  • Squirt 2 tablespoons of alcohol gel fire lighter on top of pellets
  • Light with long-reach butane lighter
  • Let gel and pellets burn for approximately 4 minutes
  • Once fire is going, reinstall components.
  • Turn Control “on”
  • Allow 10 minutes for grill to preheat before placing any food onto your Grilla or Silverbac.

There’s no specific set time for cooking on a pellet grill, it all depends on what you’re cooking. A pellet grill can take a little while to get up to temperature, but ultimately you want to cook your proteins until they reach your desired temperature. Check out our time and temperature guide to help you decide how long to grill your food and what temperature you need to hit.

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